TIL go top after Wirral victory

Nuke versus Wirral

The Inhuman League moved into pole position in the British Champs National Division with a 239-103 point victory against Wirral Pack Animals on Saturday.

The victory was the perfect response to TIL’s two defeats in Brussels only a fortnight ago.

The game started cagily with both sides scoping each other out before TIL found their footing and moved into a lead that was held for the rest of the match.

Wirral started to close the lead towards the end of the first half as TIL, skating short, tired, but the break came at the right time and the Inhumen returned refreshed in the second period and built on their lead.

TIL now sit top of the tier, ahead of the Quads of War and Super Smash Brollers, on points difference – 437, 324 and -91 respectively.

TIL face the Quads in their next British Champs game on Saturday 18 June, after a non-Champs game against Tyne and Fear B this Saturday in Newcastle.

Photo by Roller Derby on Film