Nuclear power: Nuke heads to the World Cup with Scotland

Nuke versus Wirral

The Inhuman League vice-captain, Nuke, heads out to Calgary for the second Men’s Roller Derby World Cup next week with Power of Scotland. We spoke to the Scot about his upcoming adventure across the pond. (Photo: Jason Ruffell)

Tell us about your skating history

I joined TIL in 2011, skating in their very first bout a few months later. Since then I have continued to skate with TIL and had the opportunity to guest skate or coach with teams across Europe.

How long have you been with Power of Scotland?

I started skating with PoS after the last world cup, taking on Team Ireland in Dublin and competing at BEARDI. After realising what a lovely bunch they are I decided to try out for this year’s World Cup squad.

How have you been preparing for the world cup?

On top of regular PoS and TIL training, British Champs games and friendly bouts I have taken up the G-word. My personal trainer, Mickey from Hey Mickey! Personal Trainer, has been amazing, focusing sessions on core strength and stability without compromising speed and agility.

What’s your role in the team?

I jam, which is odd as I applied as a pivot as that had become a role in TIL for me.

What do you think Scotland’s chances are?

As long as we’re not drunk I’m sure we’ll make it at least to the venue. Beyond that I would love to come second in our group but we have tough competition. I’m sure we will put on a good show though. The team is filled wth talented and passionate skaters.

What are your personal aims for the tournament?

I’d like to beat Ireland as they won our previous match. If I can remember to stay low and check in with my bench then that’s a bonus.

When do you fly out and what will you be doing prep-wise once you’re out there?

I fly on Tuesday with Team Planey McPlaneface. Cannonball hilarity to ensue. I shall be searching Calgary for an ice box, ice, avocados and bananas. Beyond that, I’ll probably be asleep in a corner.

What are you most looking forward to in Calgary?

Maple syrup smothered pancakes and seeing all my derby buddies, even them European types.

Nuke - Power of Scotland